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Families love Parc Vallès

Perhaps it's because there is so much to enjoy. Or could it be because Parc Vallès is like a town in itself, with squares, outdoor spaces, cafés, restaurants, an enormous cinema, a state-of-the-art gym and a wide range of shops.

Perhaps it’s just all that space for children, not to forget adults.

This hasn’t come about by chance: we designed the Parc Vallès experience with families in mind. We want them to come to relax, spend time, and get as much enjoyment as possible out of what we have to offer.

We’ve given careful thought to everything, to make Parc Vallès the place to disconnect from your problems and enjoy the best of our entertainment range. There are shops, interesting things to do, and places to eat that little ones will love. This means you can come to Parc Vallès knowing they’re going to keep smiling and have fun. And if the youngest members of the household are having a great time, you’ll enjoy yourself too. At Parc Vallès, we make sure this is what happens.

The time you spend at Parc Vallès is quality time.

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