Covid-19 preventive measures

Parc Vallès has prepared a basic guide of actions and measures to be implemented throughout the Center to ensure the comfort and safety of customers, suppliers, and retailers, such as the protection and hygiene protocol for its employees and customers.

  • Social distancing of 1.5 meters and use of a mask.
  • The security personnel will control that the minimum distance is respected and will disperse groups of more than 2 people who remain in the common areas and who do not belong to the same family bubble, paying special attention to escalators, elevators, rest areas (banks, mainly) and plaza.


Icon distanciamiento socialRespect social distancing
icon limpieza de manosFrequent hand cleaning
icon gelHydro-alcoholic gel
icon mascarillaCompulsory use of a mask
icon turnoRespect the turn
icon limpiezaFrequently cleaning common areas
icon acceso preferenteAccess and preferred use
icon escalerasUse stairs


In case of detection of a case in the Center or suspect that a client or employee shows symptoms of the disease (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, etc.), notify the Center Management and call the health emergency telephone number.

As a first measure for these cases, you will be provided with a mask, if you do not have one.

Transfer the affected person to an area that is as isolated as possible.

Disinfect all areas where the infected client / employee may have been, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health.

If you have these symptoms, call 061 / Salut Reson

icon fiebre
icon tos
icon falta de aire
icon malestar general

For more information, see

Generalitat de Catalunya /Salut