Certifications and Recognitions



PARC VALLÈS has been certified by BREEAM, the set of validation and certification systems with a scientific base, leader in the world, for a sustainable built environment. The BREEAM certificate is a procedure for assessing the environmental performance and certification of sustainable buildings that are most widespread at national and international level. It is an international method, developed by the BRE GLOBAL organization of the United Kingdom that allows us to measure the degree of environmental sustainability of buildings.

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PARC VALLÈS has achieved BIOSPHERE COMMITED certification after having adopted the commitment to sustainability by acting on three main areas: evaluation and improvement of public policies, involvement of the tourism sector in the sustainability of the Park as a destination and communication of sustainable initiatives and experiences. We have committed ourselves to motivating and training our staff with training and awareness actions on the principles of responsible tourism, promoting good environmental practices in the environment and participating in external activities and environmental actions of the company.

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Good environmental practices


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Energy saving

Turn off the lights when are not needed.

Take advantage of the natural light.

Keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is running.

Make the most of the natural light.

Carries out with sustainability criteria.

Drive your car with sustainability criteria.

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Water saving

Use water wisely and reuse it if possible.

Notifies if leaks, drips or any anomaly is detected.

If you see that any faucet leaks too much or does not have an aerator, notify the person in charge.

If you program appliances that use water, do so according to the appropriate wash program.

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Reuse those materials and containers that can be used.

Do the selective collection of waste respecting what must be thrown in each container.

If you do not know which container a waste goes in, check with the cleaning staff or the security staff.

Collaborate to maintain order and cleanliness throughout the ParC grounds.

Avoid printing as much as possible: use electronic media, review documents online, do not print emails, etc.

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Speak in a moderate tone of voice.

Put the music to a volume that does not disturb.

Avoid slamming doors when closing them.

Act taking care not to cause noise disturbances.