Foster's Hollywood

  • Exterior restaurant Fosters Hollywood amb terrassa
  • Interior rebedor restaurant Fosters
  • Patates amb formatge i baco Fosters
  • Detall logo Fosters Hollywood

Lights, cameras, action!

At Foster's Hollywood, you’ll feel like a true star, because you’re the main attraction. The décor, your favourite music, the buzz... Everything is tailored to ensure your comfort, so you can relax with your friends and family. Just the way you like it.

Mapa Foster's Hollywood Parc Vallès

Monday to Friday,  13:00pm-16:30pm and 20:00pm-0:00pm

Saturday, 13:00pm-17:00pm and 20:00pm-0:30pm

Sunday, 13:00pm-17:00pm and 20:00pm-0:30pm