Kyoka abre sus puertas en Parc Vallès!

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The restaurant for true sushi lovers

After several months with restrictions, the restoration of Parc Vallès has reopened its doors. And not only that, but it has done so accompanied by a new inauguration of which we are very proud. It's about Kyoka, your new landmark sushi restaurant. A unique experience that you will have to discover for yourself to realize how spectacular it can be to eat in this restaurant.

For starters, you have the best selection of dishes. But when we refer to a selection, we do it broadly since the restaurant has more than 96 dishes with no limit other than your own. In addition, you can enjoy the experience of being served by a robot that will take care of bringing your favorite dishes to your table. We are sure you have never seen anything like it!

Therefore, we encourage you to visit the new trendy restaurant in Parc Vallès. You will enjoy not only its menu but also its incredible facilities. What are you waiting for to enjoy the pleasure of sushi! A healthy and safe experience for everyone. Because we love that you enjoy your free time in our restaurants. We are waiting for you with open arms and with the table set!