Parc Vallès on TV Sant Cugat!

A safe environment where you can enjoy shopping, leisure, restaurants and well-being

Parc Vallès returns to the media! On this occasion he has done it on TV Sant Cugat with a report where we can see first-hand the day-to-day reality of the park through the voice of several people who work every day. In this way, through this audiovisual piece we convey a message of safety and well-being to all those who visit us or who plan to do so soon.

Nuria Gàndara, manager of the commercial park, affirms that "Parc Vallès is a safe environment so that all establishments comply with the standards established by the health authorities". In addition, she highlights the advantage of Parc Vallès compared to other shopping centers considering that it is an open area, outdoors. "Our roof is the sky", says Gàndara.

In this sense, the report features the participation of other familiar faces of Parc Vallès, among which managers and owners of various establishments stand out. All of them agree that the activity is recovering normally and all of them are happy with the good practices on the part of customers and visitors to the park.