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Parc Vallès is diversifying, and opening new leisure and shopping services

Visitors to Parc Vallès have noticed that things are changing: reforms, new shops and units under construction. Investments have started bearing fruit, particularly over the last two years, and the park is beginning a transition into a new stage that involves opening new units.

The first wave of new openings has included Mercadona and Media Markt. The number of visitors to the park has rapidly increased, which is having an impact on the profit margins of its leisure and dining establishments. In fact, numerous visitors have praised the convenience of being able to go to a large mall or do their weekly shopping, and finish up by enjoying a delicious dinner or a film, in the same place.

So, Parc Vallès has continued along similar lines and will expand its range further in coming weeks. One of the most eagerly awaited arrivals is the Nike Factory Store, which will be a sure pull for younger visitors and sports lovers. There will also be a Mango Outlet, offering the latest in fashion. Parc Vallès will further welcome Fifty Factory, a member of the Cortefiel group, with the best range of watches. And even dogs will have their day, with Don Canino opening soon.

By 2017, Parc Vallès will have a total of 44 business units, spread across its 83,000 m2. So, the new combination of shops, entertainment and dining give the park the potential to become a leading shopping mall, and to broaden its area of influence even further.

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