From Japan to the Catalan grill

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The dining range at Parc Vallès offers international choices and a fusion of flavours

Beyond entertainment and shopping, Parc Vallès is also designed for foodies. The culinary range reflects this, and even the most demanding palates will be satisfied.

Never before would we have thought it possible to teleport from Terrassa to Japan by simply walking through a door. But that is what happens when you visit Udon restaurant, where you can enjoy the best Asian noodles, not to mention traditional sushi. And if you’re looking for even stronger and spicier options, there is no better choice than El Mexicano, for a journey to an authentic cantina, where you can enjoy the best Mexican fajitas.

However, our range also has something for fans of European and home-cooked food, particularly lovers of pizza and authentic Italian pasta. La Tagliatella and Più Restaurant create an authentic Italian family atmosphere that you’ll love. But, if home-cooked food is what you seek, we have the perfect place: La Brasa de Ullastrell, which offers simple, high-quality, rural cuisine. The ideal spot to disconnect from the city.

We’re still not finished! At Parc Vallès, we haven’t forgotten lovers of American cuisine and the authentic hamburger. We have three choices for you: Foster's Hollywood, Burger King and McDonald’s. But, if what you want is a hearty sandwich or glass of Coke, Viena is the restaurant for you.

This extensive dining range shows that Parc Vallès is deeply invested in cuisine and providing the quality its visitors deserve. The only problem left is choosing a restaurant for lunch or dinner... Why not try all of them?

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