New inaugurations at Parc Vallès

  • inauguració aldany facial proximament

Spring arrives accompanied by new openings in the field of aesthetics and perfumery

The news don't stop at Parc Vallès! before one year ago we presented the new image of the park accompanied by the opening of new stores such as Mango Outlet, Fifty Factory or Time Road, in the next weeks we are going to welcome two new operators.

The first inauguration will come from the hand of Marco Aldany, the renowned leading hairdressing chain in Spain with more than 400 premises spread throughout the world with a workforce that exceeds four thousand people. If you are unconditional fans of Parc Vallès and have recently walked around the venue, you will have seen that we have almost everything ready for the official opening.

But we still have more ... Soon we will welcome Facial, the new perfumery and personal healing center of the Vallès Park. Facial treatments, hygiene, fragrances, makeup and complements by the home. From here very little, everything you need for your image, aesthetics and facial well-being will find you here in Parc Vallès!