El patge Xiu Xiu visita Parc Vallès

  • xiu xiu parc vallès

The royal emissary has collected all the children's letters

The patge Xiu Xiu continues with his route touring the city of Terrassa from the past 26 of December. And as it is tradition, he has returned to Parc Vallès, where hundreds of children were waiting to deliver their letters to the Magic Kings.

The great expectation and the long queues have not prevented each child from speaking personally with the royal emissary to explain what their have asked to the Kings, as well as the new wishes for this new year.

Xiu Xiu, who has been monitoring the children's behavior all this year, has explained that everyone has had an excellent attitude. For this reason, he also has wanted to collect the dreams and illusions of all the boys and girls, that the Night of Kings will become true.