Parc Vallès on 25tv!

The offer of the park returns to the screens

Parc Vallès returns to the media. On this occasion, it has done so with the help of 25tv with a report where the whole of the park's offer is disclosed in a very special way. And it is that throughout the report, the team accompanies Núria Gàndara, manager of Parc Vallès, through several of the establishments in order to discover the strengths that make this a unique place for shopping, leisure, restaurants and welfare.

Thus, the action of the report takes place in places such as the walking areas of the park, the central square, the cinema, the bowling alley... All this, while images of the rest of the operators are interspersed, which accompany and complement throughout the video Gandara's speech. It is an audiovisual piece that perfectly conveys the concept of Parc Vallès: a single place and space where you can find everything you need.

Lastly, we want to thank the 25tv team for their time and dedication in making this piece. Without forgetting that none of this would be possible without the good practices, motivation and persistence of all the Parc Vallès establishments that make it possible for us to be a reference center. Despite the difficult times we have experienced, we have emerged stronger than ever and that makes us proud. Thank you all!