Get to know the new agreement signed between Parc Vallès and Terrassa's City Council

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The Police can now sanction for parking violations in reserved areas at Parc Vallès

Thanks to the public-private collaboration between Parc Vallès and the Terrassa City Council, parking in the parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility in the park without the authorization and the necessary badge will be penalized and the municipal tow truck will take the vehicle away. An agreement that has been possible thanks to the agreement signed with the municipal council, promoted by various entities that work to improve accessibility to the city.

Despite being a private car park for public use, the Municipal Police may act in the event of any complaint or traffic violation. Thus, the facility's private security and surveillance service is complemented. This system detected 1,500 vehicles parked without permission in these places in 2021 and more than 2,500 in 2019. In this sense, the agreement wants to lay the foundations to extend this model to other areas of Terrassa.

Of the 2,670 parking spaces that Parc Vallès has, 45 are reserved for people with reduced mobility. Although the demand is covered, it is planned to expand them and create new ones for other groups with difficulties in the reforms that will be made in the area in 2023. At Parc Vallès we feel this agreement as a victory and a need to enforce the rights of all.