Remodeling of the Parc Vallès commercial and leisure park begins

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The promoter, investor and manager FREY starts this week the remodeling works of the Parc Vallès de Terrassa, with the aim of incorporating its Promenade® concept

Parc Vallès has started this week the remodeling works of its facilities which will consist of incorporating the main lines of the concept called Shopping Promenade® created by its owner FREY which is based on three pillars: Exceptional Scenery, Multifaceted Offer, Improved Experience .

With this transformation FREY aims to create a lively place, where shops and leisure create a unique experience. A visitor's journey that wants to be playful, friendly to people, rich in surprises and attention to detail with a family goal. This concept has been conceived to bring a wealth of small details and attention to the pedestrian route. Decorative elements, urban furniture, landscaping, children's play areas, lounge areas, water elements as a vector of emotions... all contribute to creating a warm atmosphere with the identity of the urban spirit.

Likewise, 100% sustainable certified wooden canopies will be installed in the promenade of shops, to achieve greater comfort for visitors to the Park in the summer season; the facades of the buildings will be painted in warmer tones, the pavements will be restored and the vehicular traffic routes will be improved both inside and at the entrances and exits of the site, improving circulation and optimizing parking time, through a system of guidance

The execution of these works will extend for a period of five months in which Parc Vallès will remain open to the public, although priority will be given to larger-scale activities at night, avoiding inconvenience to the establishments themselves and to visitors.

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