Launch of 10 charging points for electric vehicles

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  • The chargers, located in the Sierra car park, are accessible to the public 24 hours a day and are powered by certified renewable energy.
  • The charging points are of the semi-fast type and allow 80% of the car's battery to be charged in between 2 and 4 hours while users go to the cinema, walk, shop or enjoy a restaurant.
  • To use them, you only need to download the Endesa X Way mobile application, Endesa's new line of business dedicated exclusively to electric mobility.


Terrassa, April 13, 2023Parc Vallès is opening today 10 charging points for electric vehicles in collaboration with Endesa X Way, Endesa’s new line of business dedicated exclusively to electric mobility. Thus, everyone who goes to the shopping center in an electric car will be able to easily charge while going to the cinema, walking, shopping or having something in one of the cafes or restaurants, among others.

Endesa X Way has installed 5 charging equipment, with two connectors for each equipment, so that the batteries of 10 electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously. They are located in the Sierra car park of the shopping center (between Vienna and MediaMarkt) and have a power of up to 22 kW, which means that users will be able to recharge 80% of the battery in approximately 2 hours 4 hours, depending on the capacity of the vehicle's battery and the charging power that the car supports. In addition, the chargers are publicly accessible and will be operational 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Pol Olivella, of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development at Endesa X Way, emphasizes that "we want to bring electric vehicle charging to where people need it and without the need to change their day-to-day life or their habits. The idea is to take the opportunity to recharge the electric vehicle while doing a regular activity such as going to a shopping center, to the cinema, or while having a meal with family or friends. The aim is to make electric mobility easy, practical and accessible". Olivella adds: with these charging points at Parc Vallès, in reference to the city of Terrassa, users will be able to connect their vehicle and charge it without practically realizing it, while they enjoy leisure and dining".


Núria Gàndara, manager of Parc Vallès, has pointed out that "we are not the first to incorporate chargers for electric vehicles, we have preferred to spend the necessary time to decide on the best partner for this long-term partnership, we trust Endesa X Way for the innovation and reliability of its 2 teams and the solutions and support they offer to users. These 10 charging points are the first of a total of 30 points that will be a reality in Parc Vallès by 2023. This last phase will include fast charging points accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we will improve other areas of the Park, in this sense, park bikes, park electric scooters with the possibility of recharging..." Gàndara adds: "The reasons for visiting Parc Vallès will certainly increase as well as the length of stay where increases are expected around the 30-35% apart from the environmental benefits related to this type of mobility".


Electric vehicle users will be able to recharge their cars in a very simple way thanks to the Endesa X Way mobile application (available on IOS and Android). It is a digital platform where users can locate the charging station, know its status, and even pay for top-ups with their credit card.


Deploying a public charging network

​Endesa X Way aims to expand the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and develop advanced charging technologies and flexible solutions to meet the needs of all customers. Currently, the company has 4,200 public charging points installed throughout the State, a quarter of which (more than 1,000) are in Catalonia.


About Endesa

Endesa is the first electricity company in Spain and the second in Portugal. In addition, it is the second gas operator in the Spanish market. It develops an integrated business of generation, distribution and marketing, and also offers, through Endesa X, value-added services aimed at the electrification of energy uses in homes, companies, industries and public administrations. In addition, the new Endesa X Way business line has been created, dedicated entirely to electric mobility. Endesa is firmly committed to the SDGs of the United Nations and, as such, resolutely promotes the development of renewable energies through Enel Green Power España, the digitization of the grid through e-distribution and social responsibility corporate In this last area we also act from the Endesa Foundation. Our human team totals nearly 9,260 employees. Endesa is part of Enel, the largest electricity group in Europe.


Endesa X Way is Endesa's new line of business dedicated entirely to electric mobility. It is currently the division in Iberia of Enel X Way, a world leader in smart electric vehicle charging solutions with more than 430,000 charging points worldwide, including interoperability agreements. Endesa X Way offers mobility solutions to individuals, companies and partners to make the transition to electric driving accessible and simple. Endesa's flagship X Way charging technology for residential customers has been awarded internationally as the “Best Electric Vehicle Charger” in 2022 by CNET Roadshow.

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