All movie premieres this summer in Parc Vallès!

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In July and August, the awesome range of films at Cinesa will mean you’ll have no excuse for staying in

The hottest months of the year are also packed with the freshest films. Talking about being cool puts us in mind of Finding Dory, the most eagerly awaited animated film of 2016. It has exceeded all expectations and become one of this year’s blockbusters.

But wait a minute! There’s more. Another of our animated films is Pets. If you’ve never wondered what your pets do at home while you’re out, this is the film for you! Young and old will laugh along and have a great time with this playful comedy. Or perhaps you’d prefer to spend a while with the anti-heroes of the Suicide Squad?

Thriller lovers will also get their dose of cinema this August. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco star in Nerve, a suspense-packed film that will leave you frozen in your seat. And if you still haven’t had enough, try Jason Bourne: action, intrigue and love, all in the same film, the continuation of the incredible saga starring Matt Damon.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten science fiction this summer. From Justin Lin comes Star Trek Beyond. Difficult Choices, big risks, personal relationships, the future of humanity and plenty of action are some of the best parts. Get ready to enjoy the summer’s most intergalactic adventure!

Remember to come to Cinesa Parc Vallès this summer, to enjoy the best films at the biggest cinema complex in Catalonia.

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