Lidl opens its doors at Parc Vallès

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The inaugurations in Parc Vallès do not stop. Although in recent months we have especially welcomed new establishments in the field of restoration, this time we do it to a large area. This is Lidl, one of the most popular supermarket chains of the moment. With a wide range of products and a close customer service, it becomes a more than perfect option to make our purchases.

Lidl was made in 1930 in Germany. Now, it was not until 1994 that he landed in Spain and since then his growth is unstoppable. In recent years, the company has reinforced its commitment in our territory with an investment aimed at expanding and improving its network of supermarkets and logistics centers that improve its customer service. Currently, the brand has a presence in 29 countries and operates with more than 10,000 establishments.

The inauguration of Lidl in Parc Vallès has been marked by its festive nature. The supermarket has given chocolate to customers with biscuits and waffles throughout the opening day. Its incorporation into the park directory makes it a safe bet that further reinforces the offer of the site. We are sure that the popularity of the supermarket will be indisputable and we hope that it will accompany us for many years. Welcome, Lidl!

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