The artisan bakers of Terrassa join their forces in Parc Vallès

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They have collected signatures to end with the saying "bread with bread, food of fools"

More than 25 artisan bakers from Terrassa, with the collaboration of 650 baking teachers from all over Spain, have launched a campaign to change the saying "bread cone, food of fools", since it denigrates their work and does not correspond to reality .

One of his actions has taken place in Parc Vallès. The artisan bakers of Terrassa have approached the leisure and commerce center of the Vallès to collect signatures in favor of this campaign.

Parc Vallès has been only one of many scenarios visited by bakers, since the campaign is developing to several places in the Spanish geography. The artisans will finish their petition next May 25, when they will deliver the signatures obtained to the academics of the RAE and to the people in charge of the Instituto Cervantes, along with a loaf of bread and a letter. The objective of this action is to challenge academics who finish the day without having eaten a bite of the bread that gives them, demonstrating that the saying "bread cone bread, food of fools" does not respond to reality.