Sense Sal records its latest videoclip at Parc Vallès

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New Parc Bowling has been the scene of "La sortida"

The Catalan pop-folk music group, Sense Sal, has recorded their last videoclip at Parc Vallès. The New Parc Bowling leisure infrastructures have been specifically commissioned to serve as a backdrop for the presentation of the song "La sortida". The clip, which has been directed by Marc Riera, tells how the group infiltrates the premises once it has been closed to the public and organizes a great celebration before the eyes of the security officer.

Precisely, one of the curiosities of the video is that the person in charge of interpreting the security guard is the influencer and actor Pol Gise, who accumulates no less than 350K of followers on Instagram. Throughout the clip we watch Gise's reactions when she sees that the band is having a great time at the bowling alley, the billiards and the New Parc Bowling gaming machines. Anyway, once the video is displayed it is inevitable to feel the need to come to Parc Vallès to enjoy their leisure proposals!

As a curiosity, it must be said that it is not the first video clip recorded in Parc Vallès. In March 2017, the influencer Carly Gibert also chose the bowling center of the leisure and trade center for one of her videos. Currently, Gibert spends most of his time in the US where he works as an artist and singer. We hope that the companions of Sense Sal have the same luck!