The virtual reality of Zero Latency arrives at Parc Vallès!

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The most advanced virtual reality center in the world

A few days before the end of the year, Parc Vallès welcomes one of the most innovative and spectacular proposals on the planet. Zero Latency, the most advanced virtual reality center in the world, has opened its doors in the center of leisure and commerce before a high expectation both media and by the usual audience of the site. It is, after all, one of the most outstanding openings not only at the park level, but also in Catalonia and Spain.

It has more than 500 square meters of surface where players will live incredible experiences such as defying the laws of gravity, fighting a large squadron of zombies or defying artificial intelligence aboard a spaceship. In addition, apart from the play area, Zero Latency has a coffee shop service and celebration rooms for holding corporate events.

OSVR HDK 2 viewers, Blackbird weapons, backpack equipment to move physically without wires through the wide area of ​​play and the ability to make games for up to 8 simultaneous players ... All this and more is what you will find from now on Zero Latency of Parc Vallès. A unique experience that will allow you to experience the emotion of virtual reality in the first person. In fact, it is expected that in the face of 2022 leisure consumers around the world invest in this type of experience about 809 million dollars. What do you think if you try it for yourself?