Parc Vallès receives the visit of the Page Xiu-Xiu!

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He has collected the children's letters for the Magic Kings from the East

One more year, Parc Vallès has counted on the visit of the Page Xiu-Xiu, who has come to collect the letters of the children of Terrassa for the Magic Kings. This is a highly anticipated event for all, which this year has gathered more than a hundred people in the leisure and trade center. In Xiu-Xiu, who has arrived surrounded by torches with his entourage, he talked with the children giving them advice and helping them to start the year with a big smile.

According to tradition, Xiu-Xiu is one of the main members of King Gaspar's court. Its mission is to collect letters from children and observe how they have behaved throughout the year. Precisely, the nickname of "Xiu-Xiu" comes from the whispers that refers to the ears of Gaspar to tell him the name of the little ones who have not got along very well. In fact, his real name is Hassim Jezzabel.

In Parc Vallès we are sure that all the children who visit us have behaved very well throughout the year. Therefore, we have no doubt that the Three Kings will bring you everything you need to enjoy the magic of the Christmas holidays. Now the time has come to let His Majesties work to have everything ready for the Night of Kings. Don't forget to leave water and some food for the camels in your dining room!